Monday, October 10, 2011

School to Farm

Today was my best day of being a FoodCorps volunteer. It was today we started a series of field trips with 2nd graders to my friend Mark's farm. It's taken me weeks to coordinate these field trips and there was a couple of road blocks, but I finally got it to happen.

I stepped into the school this afternoon to be greeted by a bunch of anxious youngsters lined up, name tags on and ready to go! As we boarded the bus I had about 10 offers from little girls to sit with them which melted my heart(one of the little girls insisted on holding my hand the whole field trip). After 10 minutes on the bus we were at the farm.

The kids unloaded the bus bursting with energy. Mark and his wife Caroline, having a kindergartner of their own, quickly rounded the kids up before they took off into the fields. For the next hour Mark showed the kids each veggie growing and even allowed them to pick some veggies themselves. Let me tell you, kids that most likely never touch vegetables at home were eating broccoli and tomatoes right off the branches.

Seeing that gives me a feeling I don't know if I can explain. I guess if I'd have to call it anything it was a feeling of hope. Hope that these kids will develop life long healthy eating habits. Hope these kids will help continue the food culture that I'm dedicating my life to change. Hope these kids will grow up and never have diabetes, heart disease, and all other food related illnesses.

Today's field trip did more in changing kid's ideas about food than I've been able to do in 2 months of my Farm to School lessons in the classroom. There's such a powerful thing about knowing exactly where your food comes from. I've felt this many times and I felt so lucky to share that feeling with these kids today.

Yay for a HUGE Farm to School success! I can't wait for my other field trips this week. I'm probably more excited than the kids.


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